As per every other essential business sector, the construction industry has been moving in many directions since the start of this horrific global pandemic. We are taking every opportunity to ensure we are regularly updated and that our sites are as safe as possible.

Where we are able to do so, we are operating a ‘business as usual’ approach and are proactively working alongside our clients and key suppliers to maintain a number of live sites effectively, and safely, where practicable to do so.

The Government have been very consistent that it wants construction work to continue where possible. In all cases, we are putting in every achievable measure to follow their guidelines, fully implementing the most current ‘Site Operating Procedures’ as advised by the Construction Leadership Council, to ensure our people, subcontractors and the communities we serve are not exposed to unnecessary risk of infection.

We will not expect anybody to work on-site when he or she should be self-isolating

The safety of our people, our supply chain and of the general public, is paramount and will always be our top priority.